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enviro award? for sufferin dufferin? irony.... - Red Hill Valley Hamilton

About enviro award? for sufferin dufferin? irony....

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CATCH News – March 21, 2006

Construction company win environmental award for Red Hill

Dufferin Construction has won the 2005 Canadian Construction Association’s Environmental Achievement Award for their work on the Red Hill Creek Expressway. The award recognizes “innovative or exemplary environmental conduct” by a member firm of the association and was issued last Thursday at their annual conference in Hawaii.

A city media release says it made “a joint submission with Dufferin” to obtain the award, but the CCA announcement does not mention any role for Hamilton other than as the location for the expressway. The CCA release explains that the 8 kilometre road goes through an environmentally sensitive area and “following extensive consultations, the project was modified to improve, and ultimately, excel at environmental stewardship.”

Dufferin Construction has played a central role in the Red Hill project, having obtained more than $130 million in tendered city contracts for the controversial $220 million north-south road. That goes right back to the initial preparatory work in 1990 when the company got $12 million for building the Queenston Road and TH&B railway bridges.

More recently it won bids for $19.7 million worth of work north of the CNR, $35.5 million for the Greenhill to Barton portion, and $62 million for the Barton Street interchange area. The company previously obtained the contracts for building the Greenhill interchange and for tree clearing in the Greenhill to Barton section.

The paving agreements for the valley expressway have not yet been awarded, but Dufferin did well in that portion of the competition for the Lincoln Alexander Parkway – winning contracts for the road surfacing from Dartnall Road to the Mohawk/Golf Links interchange. It also built the interchange at the 403 and picked up an $8.5 million contract for some of the grading work on the Linc.

The latter contract cost the former regional government dearly after council decided to take Dufferin’s bid even though it was second lowest. The low bidder, Wimpey Construction, successfully sued the region for $1 million.

Dufferin is an Oakville based company whose general manager until recently was Lloyd Ferguson, a former Ancaster town councillor and brother of the current Ancaster representative on city council. The company is a subsidiary of St Lawrence Cement which also owns TCG Asphalt and Construction.

The latter two are among 18 companies charged with making illegal donations to the 2003 election campaign of Mayor Larry Di Ianni. Associated corporations are only allowed to donate a total of $750 to an individual campaign, but in this case each of them made $750 donations. After the over-contributions were pointed out by Joanna Chapman, refund cheques were issued to St Lawrence and TCG.

The city media release on the award can be found at http://www.myhamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/75C9922D-255A-4D5F-82A1-5028C688F47A/0/MediaReleaseCCAMarch172006.pdf. The CCA announcement is at http://cnrp.ccnmatthews.com/client/canadian_construction_association/releaseen.jsp.

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